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From Missy...


After years of many of you asking for my cookie/dessert recipes, and kindly respecting when I said “not yet” - thank you for waiting.


I'm now making my cookie kitchen workbook/cookie journal available for purchase.


It contains all but two recipes that I used in my cookie store, "Missy's Ugly Cookies & Bake Shoppe" and a few new ones.


Please share with anyone you think would be interested -- I am unable to properly remember everyone who asked me to let them know if I ever published my recipes.


I hope the recipes have been worth waiting for from this friend and that they bring your family to the kitchen, your neighbor to your door, become a favorite at your potlucks/bake sales, and add richness to your holidays.


Follow the directions, use parchment paper and cookie dough scoops, weigh your ingredients, enjoy your finished product with a cold glass of milk, and then message or post your reviews.


These recipes have come from inspiration, perspiration, and from many of you taste testing in my kitchen over the last two decades.


I know many of you use digital technology at home in your kitchens, so I am selling it in two versions:


    (full color, quality paper).



Thank you, dear friends!

Happy Baking!


-- Missy

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